Fact or FUD — “BlockStream , Inc is the main force behind Bitcoin (and taken over)”


We decided we wanted to start a series of articles trying to tackle smaller subjects rather than producing full research reports like we’ve done in the past. The motivation is to answer new user questions we get daily, there is just a lot of bad sources of information. Bad information is propagated faster in crypto then the correction. Our goal is that this helps some people.

Current BlockStream Staff as of 11/26/2017
Bitcoin Contributors by addition over life span of project
Bitcoin Contributor by addition Starting Dec 28 2013


We made some effort to quantify possible social influence using the bitcoin news group and twitter. Unfortunately, this became much harder as many anonymous account popped up that are not attached to any known GitHub , obvious twitters names or companies. If we (fairly or unfairly) bucket anonymous accounts as trolls, we still do not arrive at a substantial numbers.

A solution should win on its own merits, not by the verbal deprecation of others or false narratives.

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