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  • CW Link moves all streaming data from to a Rust based client library rather than relying on a web browser’s buggy implementation of WebSockets. Memory consumption on both the Linux and Windows clients is around hovers 50MB
  • Link is very much a minimum viable product to get it out into the wild that is focused on custom layouts. A lot of standard features and customizations that are present in every charting and pricing platform are just not here yet.
  • In a space where there hasn’t been a lot of improvement for the past 6–8 years, this is a good first effort.
  • UPDATE — CW team has told me the go-live name of product will be CryptoWatch Desktop.

High level of the product

Binance/GDAX interface to test streaming vs. the exchange
  • Candlestick charts w/ volume
  • Orderbook
  • Tick chart
  • Ticker
  • Time and sale (aka trade history)
  • Summary

Candle Stick chart

  • There are no technical indicators what so ever
  • drawing tools arent here yet.
options for candlestick charts

Tick Chart

tick charts + bug when switching symbols. trade data but no bid/ask data

Summary Panel

summary chart — price line + volume + daily ranges

Ticker Panel

ticker module on the full-size panel
watch list from crypto watch


order book on a full-screen panel

Time and Sale

What does it do under the hood?

The application itself is written in Rust for cross-platform compatibility. On both the VMs we spun up, the application made a connection to

Wireshark data for client

Memory usage?

As we mentioned above, the application consistently stayed between 48–52MB of usage, regardless of how many panels and sources we had open.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the team was happy with the quality of the build quality and impressed with the performance. Very few bugs were found while using the product for the last 20 days. Some of those were patched in the latest release without us having to report it. We wish it had more to the “standard” charting toolset, especially if the goal is to make a trading desktop client vs. a dashboard. This will be a tool to keep an eye on in the future.



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