Whale Calls Holiday Raffle!

At WhaleCalls , we believe that with phone and desktop based wallet hacks on the rise, hardware wallets will become of greater importance for the storage and security of crypto-currency. Therefore we are excited to announce that, in partnership with Ledger, we are doing a holiday raffle of several Ledger Nano S.

Ledger Nano S Main features

· Cryptographic secrets protected by a secure chip

· multi cryptocurrency support (Open Source apps)

· Confirmation of transactions on the embedded screen

· Built-in 4 digits PIN security lock

· Built-in onboarding (seed generation and recovery)

· BIP39 seed (12/18/24 words), easy backup and restoration

· Multi-apps support: FIDO U2F, GPG, SSH…

· USB connectivity

· Foldable and compact casing

· Compatible with Ledger Wallet Bitcoin Chrome application and Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome application

The raffle will run from 12/21 — 1/08 with drawings on 12/25 , 1/01 and 1/08 at the weekly candle close.

How this is going to work

· To enter, retweet the raffle tweet from any of the Whale Calls twitter feeds. One retweet is one chance to win.

· There will be multiple chances to win throughout the event

· A winner will be picked at random from the set of entries over a one week period. The giveaway will last for three weeks in total.

Raffle Rules

· A qualified winner’s twitter account must be at least 90 days old.

· Winners must provide name, address, and phone for shipment.

· If upon notification, a winner doesn’t respond within five days, a new winner will be drawn at random.

Update 12/26 — first winner was drawn and his order is on the way. 1/1 raffle has started.

Update 1/1 — second winner has been notified. Chances for the 1/7 drawing will start shortly



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